Cool Hunting

The Enzo towel rounds out Cool Hunting's feature on the non-traditional Turkish towel. Not bad for the towel a friend called the "dumpy stepsister" of the original five towels - Aloys, Boudewijn, Coen, and Daan.
Traditionally striped peştemal have been offered at Turkish bathhouses since before the Ottoman Empire. Whether for beach, spa or everyday use, the beautiful towels have a couple of practical features too. Absorbent woven cotton or linen gets softer the more you use it, doesn't pick up unwanted sand, minimizes frizzy hair, rolls into a small bundle for easy packing, and doubles as a wrap, blanket or tablecloth. For those who missed the French label A.P.C.'s recent limited-run version of the chic staple, see eight modern equivalents in a range of styles, blends and prices that all stand out for their quality and good looks below.



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