5 Ways to Spend Valentine's Day at Home

5 Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day at Home

It’s that time of year again! Love is in the air. Valentine’s Day is officially under a week away. The day when chocolate is a necessity, and you have never seen the card aisle at the supermarket more crowded. It is also the day where restaurant reservations are seemingly impossible to make, and somehow the price of flowers is slightly more suspect than usual. Suddenly, the pressure to make sure this day is an accurate representation of your love for your significant other sets in. If you haven’t made plans yet, and this is sounding all too familiar, then we have good news for you: it doesn’t have to feel this way. The day of love can be both enjoyable AND affordable! The concept is simple; stay home! We know what you’re thinking. How in the world is that going to be romantic? Or different from any other day of the year? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Here are five ways to spend (and love!) Valentine’s Day at home this year:

  1. Make dinner together. Select the menu and purchase the ingredients in advance, then enjoy some quality time cooking, taste-testing, and sharing a meal with one another. Break out the fine china, light some candles, and dress to the occasion if you want to! Who says dinner at home can’t be fancy?!
  2. Have a spa night together. Imagine bubbles, bath bombs, foot massages… the whole nine yards! Snuggle up in your robes together and relax the night away.
  3. Watch a romantic, or your favorite, movie together. Grab a comfy blanket, pop open a bottle of wine, dim the lights, and sink into the couch together. If you’re feeling extra romantic, take yourselves back to where it all began. Relive your special day by watching your wedding video together!
  4. Take your special someone on a Love Scavenger Hunt! (See idea #4)
  5. Create a list of gratitude together. Make a list stating everything you are thankful for about your relationship and partner. Afterwards, share your lists with one another. There’s no such thing as too many words of affirmation!

We hope you’re feeling inspired to make this years Valentine’s Day with your significant other the best one yet. If a few of our ideas spoke to you, don’t forget that Deck Towel’s Valentine’s Day Sale is still on! Snuggle up with your valentine in one of our comfy and elegant Turkish blankets, or dry off after your spa night at home with one of our linen bath towels. To enjoy the savings, visit www.decktowel.com. Happy Valentine’s Day from Deck Towel!

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