Peshtemal Towels: Timeless Hand Crafted Design that provides both functionality and style.

Peshtemal towels, also referred to as Hamman or Fouta towels, are far superior to the usual terry cloth towels you may be used to. Our authentic Peshtemals are woven by local artisans in small Ateliers in Turkey. Taking their inspiration from the bath towels typically found in Turkish spas, Peshtemal towels are designed and woven to be durable, strong, and highly absorbent. In addition, they carry the traditional hand-knotted fringe that makes them look both stylish and authentic.

Woven of Turkish cotton, or bamboo and cotton, they soften with each washing. Peshtemals are compact by nature, they take up very little space, and are extremely light - these qualities make them the perfect item to carry on your travels. They are ideally suited for vacations; just roll them up, and they will easily fit in your luggage. Perhaps the best thing about Peshtemal towels is that they are versatile. They are multi-functional and can be used as a throw or wall décor. If it is stylish cover-up you desire, you can wear them as pareo or sarong. Being airy and light, they provide a comfortable alternative for your walk on the beach or at the poolside bar. Put your imagination to work and enjoy authentic Peshtemals by Deck Towel. 

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