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Our original five towels - Aloys, Boudewijn, Coen, Daan, and Enzo - featured on Daily Candy blog. Thank you to Jordan Blumberg for the post that started it all.

Deck Towel

What: Handmade Italian linens are big enough for a full spread-eagle sprawl. Pick from faded stripes or saturated solids evocative of the lazy summer we plan to have.
Why: It might be Buck (recent Columbia grad who makes them) or the thought of an evening spent listening to cicadas, but there’s just something romantic about soft linen and warm months.
Where: Online at decktowel.com.


I caught the near end of the sale on Saturday. I was late, as usual..but I did mgaane to buy a lovely set of Mimosa pillow shams and some bath and guest towels. Next sale I will be there earlier. If I remember!

Motit Juni 11, 2012

How could any of this be better staetd? It couldn’t.

Kailee Dezember 15, 2011

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