GQ: Deck Towel Listed in GQ's Best Stuff of the Year 2012


We're honored to be included on GQ's Best Stuff of the Year List. The Boudewijn, Coen, Daan, Enzo, Hugo, and Kees towels are featured.

Best Stuff of the Year 2010

Turns out that working with a bunch of style obsessives and discerning tech-geeks has its perks. We asked, they delivered: From the coolest set of wheels on the market to a flat-screen slimmer than an iPhone, it's everything a man could want. As for the Hawaiian surfer girl—you're welcome

It's a Beach Towel, It's a Blanket, It's an Improvised Bed...

Deck Towel Linen Beach Blankets
The problem with beach towels is that even the best of them turn into a rank, sand-filled mess after a day at the beach. That's why we dig this linen version from Deck Towel. Sewn from durable, colorful fabric that could've been swiped from a French girl in Biarritz, they're light, quick to dry, and odor-resistant. The other draw? Should a bikinied stranger need a place to rest her feet, these are plenty big enough for two.




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Minori Mai 01, 2012

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Greta Dezember 15, 2011

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