The Deck Towel Collection offers eco-friendly, durable and multi-functional linen products. Our towels are made of 100% linen, a natural, serene, fabric woven from flax. They soften after each washing, naturally repel stains, odors and sand, and they dry in a snap! They fold or roll down to a compact size for easy storage when space is at a premium. 

A Deck Towel can be used as a throw, a tablecloth, a towel or even a sarong. Deck Towel is proud to partner with Carbon Checkout to help lower CO2 emissions and reduce global warming.

The Deck Towel Story

As the first known textile produced by man, the roots of our luxurious fabric have been woven throughout time in significant and sometimes surprising ways.

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What is Linen?

Linen is the most ancient vegetable fabric in the history of man. It was important to ancient Egyptian society, revered by the tribes of Israel, produced in twelfth century Ireland, and today has many well-established markets throughout Western Europe. The fiber has integrated itself within society as a luxury fabric as well as a utilitarian tool, used for sailcloth, fishing nets, and ropes. 

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