Are they really absorbent?
They are. Even the thinnest linen can hold up to 20 times its weight in water, and dries much more quickly than a terry cloth towel. Our Peshtemal towels are made of a blend of Bamboo and Cotton or 100% Cotton. They are highly absorbent. Both our Linen or Turkish towels dry much faster than a traditional terry cloth towel.

Are they really soft?
They are. We select the softest European linens and Peshtemals, woven especially for this quality. Also, each wash will make your Deck Towel softer and softer.

What can I do with my towels when I’m not on the beach?
Get creative. We use ours as bath towels, sarongs, bedspreads, picnic blankets, throws, tablecloths, even shower curtains.

Where are the towels made?
Our linen towels are all made in the USA, from linens sourced in Europe. Our Peshtemal products are woven by craftsmen in small villages located Turkey.

How should I wash my towel?
Simply hand wash, or machine wash with non-chlorine detergent and like colors. Line dry, or tumble dry on lowest heat. Adding a tablespoon or two of hair conditioner to the wash helps keep linen fibers soft and strong.

Can I iron my towels?
Towels can be ironed, just take care to keep the iron set to low.

What does it mean when a towel is “archived”?
Archived towels are no longer in stock, and will not be brought back into production.

The color of my towel looks different than it does online.
As much as we try to faithfully reproduce each towel photographically, slight shifts in color may occur.

Is international shipping available?
Yes. Shipping to Canada and other International destinations is available via USPS with tracking.

Can I refund or exchange my towel?
We're confident about the quality of our towels. For all domestic orders each Deck Towel you purchase includes a thirty-day, money-back guarantee. If you decide the product is not for you, simply e-mail info@decktowel.com with your request to return your towel within thirty days. Upon approval, you will receive a full refund of the purchase price, including shipping costs. All International sales are final.

Is my transaction information safe with Deck Towel?
Deck Towel uses Authorize.net to process orders. Authorize.net retains extensive security measures and guarantees against fraud and identity theft. 

Will Deck Towel give my information to third parties?
Absolutely not. We respect the privacy of our customers. Your information is used solely for the fulfillment of your order, and will never be shared with third parties.

When will the back-ordered towels be back in stock?
To insure that you are updated with the most current information, please add your email to our mailing list

Where will my order be shipped from?
In order to provide faster and greener shipping for United States residents on both coasts, Deck Towel ships from our centralized Michigan location. 

My linen towel is only sewn on two edges.
One of the signatures of a Deck Towel linen towel is its raw selvage. This is both handsome and allows for easy folding.

I am having problems placing my order, what should I do?
We apologize if you experience any issues when trying to place your order. Typically any issues arising tend to be browser related. You can also try placing your order on a different browser (ie: Safari, Explorer, Firefox) but if the problem persists, contact our office at info@decktowel.com and we will help process your order manually. 

Do you have any bulk order discounts?
If you are interested in placing an order for a large quantity of towels, please email us at info@decktowel.com to discuss discount pricing. 

Is there duties or taxes on international orders?
Please be aware that shipping charges do not include international taxes or duties. Contact the customs office in the destination country for information about any applicable duties or taxes before ordering. 

Why don’t I see any tax on my order?
Deck Towel LLC only remits and collects taxes in the State of New Jersey. We do not collect and remit taxes in every region. 

Why is a linen Deck Towel more expensive than other beach towels? 
Linen is one of the more expensive fabrics because of its intensive production process. At Deck Towel we select only the best quality linens from Europe. Each Deck Towel is sewn according to fair labor standards right here in the USA. What's more, each Deck Towel contains twice the material of a regular beach towel.