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We're honored to have the Enzo towel make 101 Cookbook's Favorite's List for July. Right next to Horst P. Horst at Twombly's villa in Rome!


How about a quick hello, and a favorites list today? I love pulling these together and I hope you'll indulge me a bit. While you're occupied, I'll be in the kitchen diving into a couple new titles I picked up at Omnivore Books the other day - two real gems that I'll likely highlight at some point soon. xo -h

- In yellow, please.

- Cy Twombly | Rome.

- Package-free grocery store.

- Instant Love: Polaroid retreat in Marrakesh

- Keetsa mattress: bought one of these for the guest room.

- Clear eyes. Full hearts.

‪- Pavarotti | Paris | 1965‬

- The new summer issue of Sweet Paul.

- And hoping for a second print run of this.

- The ultimate XL towel (via Sarah at Remodelista)

- These Murakami beach shots.

- This site.

- This watch.

- Teenagers Revive Dead Languages Through Texting (article)

- The boy who inherited rights to Good Night Moon. (article)

- for your sx-70.

- What's in your Kit? series.

- This profile.

- And the clippers from our Little Flower School class.

Promise to be back later in the week with a quick something tasty inspired by a fat sack of summer corn I lugged home yesterday. -h

I took the photo up above at a lovely lunch in St.Helena. We sat at an old farm table on a porch surrounded by vineyards (and chickens!) and good company. Hope to share a number of recipes from this lunch with you at some point.

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LOL!I’m not apologetic of hatnig 99% of Christian rock and 98% of Christian worship music. And so I’ll side with you about that being a bit pitiful. What’s the deal with worship bands playing U2? Is that their way of being honest in their faith? They should put melody to David’s imprecatory prayers and sing that on Sundays.

Geverton mayo 01, 2012

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