Editors’ Picks: 5 Beach Towels We Adore

There is something about the beaches that make us go bonkers thinking about the unlimited fun and relaxation. Talking about beaches, we can’t ignore the value of beach towels. In our last post, Hank Patterson talked about how beach towels are different from bath towels and why even those expensive luxury bath towels can’t replace a beach towel. This time we have a list of five of our favorite beach towels handpicked by our editors.

Bleeker Cornflower Blue Towel

Synonymous with sophistication and class, this super soft European linen Beach Towel is one of the most sought-after towels in our collection. This Bleeker Striped Beach Towel is patterned with varied cream stripes on cornflower blue. It comes in a size of 70 x 57 inches, i.e. 178 x 145 cm. This magnificent piece of elegance weighs 24 ounces.

Chloe Indigo/Denim Beach Towel


Everything denim is loaded with style. This off-beat stylish beach towel is a solid denim towel sized 70 X 57 inches, i.e. 178 X 145 cm. However, being denim does not make it coarse in anyway. It’s as soft as you would want a beach towel to be. This towel is sure to turn a few heads while you are relaxing on the beach. It is another light-weight piece from our collection weighing only 18 ounces.

The Elio: Stylish Floral Beach Towel


Ever heard of style woven in thread? Here’s an example. This highly stylish piece of towel is one of the most popular pieces among our customers. This floral chic piece is soft with an average beach towel size. It weighs 20 ounces and is easy to carry. The Elio is made of fine Czech linen that makes it durable.

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Noemie Beach Towel

This Oatmeal with Chocolate Brown Print towel is our latest favorite. The exotic ethnic print adds panache to this beautiful beach towel. Made of fine European linen, this towel is soft and weighs only 18 ounces. When laid on the beach sand, it will fuse into the sand color highlighting the chocolate brown print which makes it look like a minimalistic beauty.

Ico: Canary Yellow Beach Towels

This striking Canary Yellow Beach Towel grabs attention and shouts “bold.” It is made of fine European linen like most of our collections and weighs 27 ounces. This solid yellow towel adds more brightness to a sunny beach day creating an aura of happiness around your presence.

Love them? Buy them before they go out of stock. Explore more luxury beach towels from our collection at Deck Towels. All our towels are easy to handle, durable, easy to carry, and all of them fold into a size of a beach read. Made of the finest linen, our towels guarantee fast drying and unparalleled comfort.

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