What's the difference between a Deck Towel and a normal cotton beach towel?

A Deck Towel is light and portable.
A Deck Towel is twenty times more absorbent than cotton, and dries in a snap.
A Deck Towel repels sand, stains, and odors.
A Deck Towel is long lasting but gets softer with wear.
A Deck Towel folds to the size of your beach read.
A Deck Towel is made in New York City.
A Deck Towel has a 60-day, money-back guarantee.



"This new line of linen towels manages to improve on the already perfect concept of sunbathing." The New York Times 

"It’s the best beach towel I’ve ever owned, for sure." Fantastic Man 

"Sewn from durable, colorful fabric that could've been swiped from a French girl in Biarritz." GQ 

"If you still have a couple of weeks left on your yacht, then you should definitely have a Deck Towel on board." Inventory Magazine

"These towels are helping to liberate linen from this dry-clean-only image it's been given...they're remarkably hearty." Nylon Magazine
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