Premium Linen Towels and Throws by Deck Towel

Where luxury meets usefulness and durability

Deck Towel offers luxury bath towels and high end beach towels and decorative throws, in bold, floral, and sophisticated accents. Our products are the purest, most luxurious expressions of “woven moonlight,” the title bestowed by the ancient Egyptians on this natural and serene fabric.

Our luxurious beach towels are carefully woven in linen that embraces both comfort and luxury. 

Here’s why you should choose our Deck Towels 

  • We are environmentally responsible, and our towels are made from natural fibers (Flax) a renewable and sustainable resource.
  • Every linen towel you buy from Deck Towel is anti-Microbial and resists mold and mildew.
  • No towel dries as fast as our Deck Towels.
  • Our towels are easy light and pack-able because they fold into the size of your beach read.
  • Unlike other towels, they repel sand, stains, and odor.
  • Our towels are multi-functional- use them as towels, beach blankets, wraps or table covers.
  • Deck Towels are invigorating and exfoliating to the skin.
  • All our towels are made in the USA from one of the Nature’s strongest fibers.
  • Last, but definitely not the least, Deck Towels are much more absorbent than your regular towel. 

Experience the luxury of Linen!

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