Premium Linen Towels and Turkish Peshtemals by Deck Towel

Where luxury meets usefulness and durability

The Deck Towel collection offers eco-friendly luxury bath towels and high-end beach towels, Peshtemal Turkish Towels and Peshtemal cotton throws in bold stripes, assorted solids and sophisticated patterns.

Our Linen products are the purest, most luxurious expressions of “woven moonlight,” the title bestowed by the ancient Egyptians on this natural and serene fabric. Our luxurious beach towels are carefully woven in fine European linen that embraces the ultimate in both comfort and luxury.

Deck Towel Peshtemal towels, also referred to as Hamman or Fouta towels, are far superior to the usual terry cloth towels you may be used to. Our authentic Peshtemals are woven by local artisans in small Ateliers in Turkey. Taking their inspiration from the bath towels typically found in Turkish spas, Peshtemal towels are designed and woven to be durable, strong, and highly absorbent. In addition, they carry the traditional hand-knotted fringe that makes them look both stylish and authentic. Woven of Cotton or a blend of Cotton and Bamboo they are eco-friendly as well.

Into sailing or boating? Include these luxury yachting accessories to go with your beach towels already onboard. They fold down to the size of your beach read for compact storage and dry in a snap. Conveniently multi-functional, use them as a tablecloth, deck blanket, throw, or even as a beach cover/sarong. No need to carry multiple items!