How to keep your Linen closet smelling fresh

Nothing beats the nice feeling you get when you wrap yourself in clean sheets or towels, freshly taken out of the laundry. But how can you make that clean, fresh smell last longer when keeping linens in the closet? Even if your closet is very well organized and you use only the best products for washing, your linens can get that musty smell over time. To give you a hand, we did some research and found some techniques for a fresh-smelling linen closet that will help you keep your sheets and towels in perfect condition.

Add some scent to the closets

Laundry detergents have come a long way, and you can find them in almost any scent you can imagine. From flower scents to fruity flavors or the smell of the ocean breeze, you can now add any scent you like to your linens. But, sometimes, using a nicely scented product for washing is just not enough. Even if you store your linens properly in the closet, they can still lose that fresh smell and feel. Therefore, you can add some extra freshness that will keep bad odors away for longer by using some little tricks:

Scented dryer sheets

They can absorb bad odors and keep your linens smelling fresh for a long time. Just put them between the sheets or towels, and voila! No more bad odors. If you want a mild smell in your closet, just put in already used scented dryer sheets. They still carry the scent, but it's not as pungent.

Soap bars

Find a soap bar that has a pleasant scent and place it in your closet. Wrap it in a napkin or a piece of fabric so that it doesn't harm your linens. Also, you can warm it up before using it. This way, it will release more of its scent.

Essential oils

These natural scented oils can have a double purpose. They can make your closets smell nice for a long time, and some of them can keep moths away. Place a piece of fabric that you have soaked in essential oil in your closet, and forget about that musty smell.

Scented sachets

If you like your linens to have a more natural smell, you can place small bags of herbs in your closets. Choose a spice that you like and put it in small linen bags. Place the bags between sheets or towels or in the pockets of your clothing.

Perfumed cotton balls

This can be a great idea if you like to have your linens smelling like your favorite perfume. Just soak the cotton balls in the fragrance of your choice and place them in the closet. Make sure not to put them directly on linens because the alcohol in the perfume can damage the fibers.

Air fresheners

You can hang a few small solid air fresheners in your closet or use the spray ones directly in your wardrobe every couple of days. Also, you can make your own air freshener by adding a few drops of essential oil to a water spray bottle. 

Coffee grounds

Coffee has a pleasant strong smell that can overpower foul odors. Place some ground coffee in containers with holes, and it will fill your closet with its wonderful aroma. You can do this once a month.

Use odor absorbents for a fresh-smelling linen closet

If you don't want to add perfume to your closet but still want it to smell clean, there are some techniques you can use to take care of your linens. The best part is, you can use natural products that won’t harm them. For example:

  • Baking soda.
  • Active charcoal.

All three have the power to absorb unwanted odors and keep the closet smelling fresh. Just place any of them in small containers with holes and watch how the bad smells disappear. But, be careful when using vinegar. It would be best if you only used it distilled with water.

Store your linens properly

Other techniques for a fresh-smelling linen closet involve knowing how to store them. For instance, get rid of any linens that you don’t use. We all have sheet sets that miss a piece or that don't fit the bed properly. Also, there can be linen towels in our closets that are too stretched out. Keeping them will only make your closets get damp and musty. Instead of avoiding them all the time, get rid of them or find them a different purpose. Keep only fresh, clean linens that you use constantly.

Never pack linens that aren't fully dry. If they are still moist, there is a chance that they will get damp, and they could start molding. Make sure they are placed on the drying line with sufficient space between them and that they "breathe" enough. The same thing applies when storing them in the closet. Give your linens space to benefit from air circulation and stay fresh for longer.

Move your linens safely

If you have to go through a relocation, make sure your linens are kept safe from any harm. For instance, Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage experts recommend packing linens only after they have been freshly cleaned and completely dry. You can never know how long the relocation process will take, and they can get damp if kept too long in storage boxes. Also, try using wood or reed boxes when carrying them so they can get ventilated. In addition, place lavender sachets between your sheets and towels to keep moths away.

Don’t forget to rotate linens

Try to use all the linen sheets and towels that you have in your closets. If you leave them aside for too long, the linen will start degrading and get sitting stains. Therefore, whenever you store fresh linens in your closet, make sure to put them in the back or at the bottom of the pile. This way, you will use the older ones first and keep your closet smelling fresh.

These techniques for a fresh-smelling linen closet will also help you prolong the life of your sheets and towels. You will have them damp-free and smelling good for a long, long time.

Metadata Description: If you have trouble keeping dampness away from your linen closets, here are some techniques for a fresh-smelling linen closet.


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