Towel Display Ideas for Modern Bathrooms

Towel display ideas for modern bathrooms

If you're interested in interior design, you're probably aware that it truly takes talent and knowledge to achieve greatness in this field. You need to understand quite a bit about filling your space and creating a desirable atmosphere before you dive in and design your home. However, something that nearly every interior designer agrees with is that the devil lies in the details. Without the knick-knacks, a house would look empty, plain, and uninteresting. In every bathroom, the towel display is what brings everything together and creates a homey, cozy feel. With that said, here are a few towel display ideas for modern bathrooms.

The balance of practicality and aesthetics

Finding a way to achieve both functionality and beauty with towel display ideas is essential. If you focus only on one of the two, you'll be left with an unfinished project. Depending on the layout of the rest of your bathroom and its overall aesthetic, you need to figure out a way to store your towels that'll make them accessible. Keeping hand towels by your sink and bath towels by the tub would be ideal.

Folding techniques

If you're a creative person who likes to show that off through home decor, use that to your advantage. There's not just one way of folding your towels. What's more, the way you fold and maintain them can make your towels last longer and uphold their fluffiness. 


  • The classic folding method

 You've probably done this type of towel display for as long as you can remember. You simply align the edges and fold; there's nothing more to it. Even though it's a bit dull, go with it if the classic's what you're into.

  • The rolling method (just like they do in spas)

 Rolling your towels doesn't only look prettier, but it's also easier, more convenient, and useful. This method is most frequently used for hand towels, especially when they're kept in small baskets next to the sink. It's a great way to make your bathroom look and feel more luxurious.

  • Hang them and let them breathe

 If you're not too concerned about the look of your display of towels, that's fine as well. You can simply hang them and let them breathe. Additionally, you can keep your dry towels folded and arranged in a nice display but use hooks to hang the ones that need to dry off.

Where should you keep your towels?

Although your choice of towel display spots may be a bit limited, you still have some options.


  • Display ladders and other open shelves

Especially if your bathroom is a bit plain or simply practical, think about open shelves for displaying your towels. If you're tidy and organized, you should try this out. However, if you end up throwing your towels in the back of the cabinet more often than not, you might want to skip it.

  • Vanities and cabinets

On the other hand, if your bathroom is busy and crowded, it might be best to avoid adding to it. Throw in a nice vanity or a cabinet, and keep your towels in there.

  • Baskets

Another excellent way to make your towels a part of the decor is to keep them in baskets. 

  • Hooks

If all else fails, you can always hang some good old hooks on the inside of your bathroom door and call it a day.

How to expand bathroom storage space?

If your bathroom is on the smaller side, it can sometimes be challenging to display your towels in a nice and orderly way. Luckily, there are various ways to make more bathroom storage space for all the items you need. Hanging your towels rather than occupying your bathroom with a vanity is a great space saver. If there's an unutilized corner in your bathroom that you can't get to, you might want to think about hanging some cabinets there for this purpose. However, if keeping all your towels in the bathroom is entirely unfeasible, you should consider storing most of them elsewhere in your home.

The best kind of towel

When it comes to towel materials, you should always try out different types before you commit. Most people tend to choose linen towels over cotton ones since they are more pleasant and long-lasting. However, apart from being more durable and comfortable, they're also more environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic. If you're looking for breathable and absorbent fabric, look no further.

Keep your towels dry at all times

Don't forget to always dry your towels after you use them. If you fold them and store them right away, you risk them becoming moldy. Having a space to hang the towels you're using right now is a great idea.

Donate and recycle

Once you're no longer able to use your towels or want to purchase a new collection, you'll need to get rid of the ones you have. If you happen to have towels that haven't been used, make sure to donate them. Otherwise, recycle old bathroom towels either by using them as cleaning rags and kitchen towels or turning them into bathroom mats.

Towel display is a perfect way to add a splash of color

If your bathroom is predominantly earthy and neutral, what better way to bring in a bit of color than with something as fun and easily changeable as towels? The great thing is that you can always cast away or add to your towel collection and completely change the look of your bathroom. Don't be afraid to play around a bit. For example, if your bathroom is primarily beige and cream, adding dark green or even a bright color could be the best way to go. Additionally, if you already have an object in your bathroom that's flashy and colorful, match your towels to that particular thing. This is an easy way to make it seem like you've given the towel display ideas more thought than you actually have.

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