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Loïc Towel featured as #1 of 7 stylish essentials for Labor Day on The Daily Meal.

Labor Day is the one day out of the year federally allocated for relaxing, and we couldn’t love it more! Whether you’re hosting family for a backyard barbecue, or are planning on keeping it casual with a low- or no-labor Labor Day party, give your holiday weekend plans a little fresh color and flavor with something decorative on the table or that will make kicking back a bit easier (and a whole lot more fun). Here are some of the new pieces we’re planning to use to help us and our guests relax in style.

1. Deck Towel

If you are lucky enough to be near a beach or for picnicking in the grass, these linen towels are a must! Inspired by cloths that Belgian soldiers might have used in the 1930s, they are made with linens sourced around the world. Machine-washable, the towels are 20 times more absorbent, lighter, and don’t hold in sand, unlike traditional terry towels than terry towels. We can’t wait to get our hands on the Loic (right).

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I will not be in New York for a while, I promised my hnbasud Porthault towels 20 years ago and have not yet purchased any. i would like this to be the year. Can you letme know when the sale startsso I can call and placean orderThank you

Elangbam junio 10, 2012

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