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3191 Miles Apart

Gilles towel featured as a summer essential on 3191 Miles Apart! Nice to see a fellow heavy-water-drinker coming forward.

My Summer Essentials: pretty much stays the same every year.


Let’s start with what you would find in my bag …
~ a linen towel (Never know when you might swim or sit on damp grass with a cool drink.)
~ a water bottle (If you think I drink...

Ape to Gentleman

A very nice featured on the Loïc Towel on Ape To Gentleman blog! 

"Most great brands start from simple ideas and none more simple than the concept of a deck towel – at least that’s how it seemed at first. On closer inspection the Deck Towel is much more in depth and calculated than their laid back branding would suggest. Founded in 2010, their first collection was inspired by a 1930s photograph of five Belgian soldiers bathing in the Meuse River (shown above), and imagining the sort of materials and patterns the soldiers might...

California Home & Design




Boudewijn towel featured in California Home and Design Magazine

Beach blankets hardly need be a luxury. With that said, I'd still rather not show up to the beach or park and lay out some tragic old holey thing found at the back of my closet. That's why I'm into these linen deck towels from designer Buck Ellison. They're simple and chic, thin enough to fit in a beach bag, but also can be worn as a makeshift sarong should your bag be stuffed to the...

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