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Meet the Dries

Dries is our newest towel for summer. Sewn from exceptionally soft Irish linen, it features even stripes of cornflower blue and white.
Check out this instant classic today!

Meet The Casimir

Deck Towel is pleased to introduce the Casimir towel. Sewn from the highest quality Irish linen, it features varied camel stripes on navy. Check it out in our shop!



Meet The Bleecker

Deck Towel is proud to introduce the Bleecker towel. It's woven from finest Irish linen and has handsome stripes of cornflower blue and white. Check it out today!

Meet The Alfons


Memorial Day Weekend marks the beginning of summer vacation season. To celebrate the warm days ahead, we created Alfons. With broad stripes of blue and white woven from the finest Irish linen, he's like the handsome little brother of the Coen.Check him out in our...

New Towel In Stock: Meet The Walther

Anyone who's been looking for a good cashmere sweater this holiday season knows that sometimes the simplest things are hardest to find. So with our new towel, Walther, we tried not to overthink it. Its striking apricot color and fantastic quality were so great, we thought we'd just let it do its thing, undisturbed.

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