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On The Porch

Boudewijn and Coen in good company: Jicama salad, spiced tequla margarita, and a backgammon set make for our kind of summer afternoon. Image courtesy of Tenoversix.

Coen is back in stock!

Deck Towel Coen restock beach

Our much loved Coen towel is back in stock! Get them now while you can.


Coen Towel (only a few left in stock!) helps out a tree. Courtesy Apples & Onions and Linus.

Dogs love Deck Towel

When not in action poolside or at the beach, our Coen towel makes a great dog bed.

*Use as a towel is also recommended.

Deck Towel on Apples & Onions


 The Coen towel makes a great tablecloth for this Bloody Mary bar courtesy of Apples & Onions.

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