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Come rain or shine

It's easy to forget how durable our towels are because they're so light and soft to the touch. You can hose them down and get them as dirty as possible, and they'll still snap right back after a good washing. Pictured above is our Walther towel getting a good workout. 

Colors of Walther

Flamingo, prosciutto, lemonade. Some of the colors that inspired our Walther towel, as seen in real life (and pinned to our Pinterest color boards).

New Towel In Stock: Meet The Walther

Anyone who's been looking for a good cashmere sweater this holiday season knows that sometimes the simplest things are hardest to find. So with our new towel, Walther, we tried not to overthink it. Its striking apricot color and fantastic quality were so great, we thought we'd just let it do its thing, undisturbed.

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