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Wendell in St. Barthes


Thank you to Matt Baron for this photograph of his girlfriend, Wendell, vacationing in St. Barthes with her Kees towel. If this photo is any indication, Wendell has pretty much nailed it every day of her.

3191 Miles Apart

Gilles towel featured as a summer essential on 3191 Miles Apart! Nice to see a fellow heavy-water-drinker coming forward.

My Summer Essentials: pretty much stays the same every year.


Let’s start with what you would find in my bag …
~ a linen towel (Never know when you might swim or sit on damp grass with a cool drink.)
~ a water bottle (If you think I drink...

The Daily Meal

Loïc Towel featured as #1 of 7 stylish essentials for Labor Day on The Daily Meal.

Labor Day is the one day out of the year federally allocated for relaxing, and we couldn’t love it more! Whether you’re hosting family for a backyard barbecue, or are planning on keeping it casual with a low- or no-labor Labor Day party, give your holiday weekend plans a little fresh color and flavor with something decorative on the table or that will make kicking back...



Coen towel featured on Silouhette blog

"Memorial Day weekend wasn’t kidding this year when it decided to kick off the summer season. Hello 90 degree heat + sticky humidity. I think I officially missed the first thing about my old place – the pool. I definitely could have used it this weekend. When I finally do get out to the pool, I think I’m feeling vintage pool wear…

1. nostalgic bikini 2. Coen deck towel 3. seaside tote 4. vintage vogue 5. wide brim floppy hat 6. vintage...

Kempt Men's Style Fashion and Grooming Guide Features Deck Towel


Boudewijn towel featured in Kempt Magazine. 

We’re going to hazard a guess and predict that you’ll find yourself on a beach at some point in the next few months. And once you’re there, you’re going to need a beach towel of some sort to sprawl out upon while you contemplate life’s mysteries and work on your tan.

In which case, we believe we can be of some assistance.

Deck Towel makes some of the better beach towels we’ve seen, thanks to tropical color...

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