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On The Porch

Boudewijn and Coen in good company: Jicama salad, spiced tequla margarita, and a backgammon set make for our kind of summer afternoon. Image courtesy of Tenoversix.

Colors of Boudewijn


Some of the colors of our Boudewijn towel, as seen in real life (and pinned to our Pinterest color boards).

Deck Towel featured in Short & Sweet

You can spot our Boudewijn towel in this Short & Sweet blog post on summertime favorites. Thanks Alexa!

Lucky Magazine


Boudewijn towel featured in Lucky Magazine! Our dear friend, Amy, writes: I’ve been thinking about warmer weather since December. These lightweight linen beach towels are amazing—sand won’t get stuck in them, and they come in really fun colors and prints. Mine is draped over my couch as a reminder that it won’t be long til summer’s here.



Poppies: Sent by a Secret Admirer to Deck Towel


A secret admirer sent these poppies to our studio today. Whoever they are, they know the brand pretty well - the perfect match for the Boudewijn or Daan towels.

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