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Rolling Stone Rock Room Features Deck Towel

daan and ico linen towels laid elegantly out on beach chairs by pool/></a> </p> <p style=

fans enjoying their ico and daan beach blankets 

detail of the rolling stone imprint on all ico and daan beach towels 

Deck Towel paired up with Rolling Stone's Rock Room event at the Viceroy Hotel during Coachella. We provided Daan and Ico towels to match everyone's wristbands and cool off members of bands such as Ratatat,

Poppies: Sent by a Secret Admirer to Deck Towel


A secret admirer sent these poppies to our studio today. Whoever they are, they know the brand pretty well - the perfect match for the Boudewijn or Daan towels.

HUGE Magazine



Gilles, Martin, Pfips, Enzo, Hugo, and Daan Towels featured in HUGE Magazine. Check out our Japanese stockists here.

Me Design Magazine




The Aloys, Boudewijn, Coen, Daan, Enzo, and Francis towels are featured in Me Design Magazine.

GQ: Deck Towel Listed in GQ's Best Stuff of the Year 2012


We're honored to be included on GQ's Best Stuff of the Year List. The Boudewijn, Coen, Daan, Enzo, Hugo, and Kees towels are featured.

Best Stuff of the Year 2010

Turns out that working with a bunch of style obsessives and discerning tech-geeks has its perks. We asked, they delivered: From the coolest set of wheels on the market to a flat-screen slimmer than an iPhone, it's everything a man could want. As for the Hawaiian surfer girl—you're welcome

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