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Colors of Kees


Some of the colors of our Kees towel, as seen in real life (and pinned to our Pinterest color boards).

Wendell in St. Barthes


Thank you to Matt Baron for this photograph of his girlfriend, Wendell, vacationing in St. Barthes with her Kees towel. If this photo is any indication, Wendell has pretty much nailed it every day of her.

Harvest Men's Fashion Boutique Stocks Deck Towel

Enzo, Kees, and Hugo towels featured on the blog our first German stockist, Harvest

This is an excellent little shop in the Schwabing area of Munich.


Francis and Kees towels featured on Streething blog. 

 Looking for a towel to hit the beach with, the check out these quality American-made linen towels from Deck Towel. A quote from the company "Our towels are light, compact and sturdy. they don't hold in sand or odours like cotton, and are both faster-drying and more absorbent. They can be easily cared for as well: simply wash and hang to dry. And they get softer with wear!". Three styles are currently available at KIN,...

GQ: Deck Towel Listed in GQ's Best Stuff of the Year 2012


We're honored to be included on GQ's Best Stuff of the Year List. The Boudewijn, Coen, Daan, Enzo, Hugo, and Kees towels are featured.

Best Stuff of the Year 2010

Turns out that working with a bunch of style obsessives and discerning tech-geeks has its perks. We asked, they delivered: From the coolest set of wheels on the market to a flat-screen slimmer than an iPhone, it's everything a man could want. As for the Hawaiian surfer girl—you're welcome

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