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Don't get burned!

Well, here we are in the height of summer - finally! As such, Gail and I thought it a good time to remind us all of the dangers of over-exposure to the sun. Clearly we love the sun (we own a Shore home, and venture to the Caribbean frequently) but still precautions are a must!

We went to Consumer Reports for some hopefully unbiased info and here it is. This is not gospel, but intended to be helpful!!

First of all, we were not overly surprised to find out that of over the 60 lotions, sprays and sticks tested, 28...

Elle Interiör



Coen, Daan, and Enzo towels featured in Elle Interiör Sweden! 

Roughly Google translated:

 Home again from Ras Al Khaimah. The Biddeford did not even have a bit of my high-flying textile dreams. So - I invite you to a picture from our desert safari and a hint of beautiful beach towels in the linen fabrics. Not from United Arab Emirates, but from Deck Towel. Can imagine that the sun-warmed beach...

The Daily Meal

Loïc Towel featured as #1 of 7 stylish essentials for Labor Day on The Daily Meal.

Labor Day is the one day out of the year federally allocated for relaxing, and we couldn’t love it more! Whether you’re hosting family for a backyard barbecue, or are planning on keeping it casual with a low- or no-labor Labor Day party, give your holiday weekend plans a little fresh color and flavor with something decorative on the table or that will make kicking back...

Frizzi Frizzi


The Enzo, Hugo, Francis, Ico, and Gilles towels are featured on Frizzi Frizzi blog. Our Italian's a bit rusty, but we're honored to be recognized by the world's best tanners.

Inspired by an old photo, Deck Towel is a new brand of beach towels, recently launched by New York photographer Buck Ellison. Maybe it's strange for a photographer to start making beach towels, but as bizarre as that is they beautiful linen cloths. Admire the towels after the jump (then...

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